Our interior drainage systems not only keep your basement dry, but protect the integrity of your foundation, and maintain the health of your home. Our exterior drainage systems work in a similar way but immediately direct the water away from the home to avoid the chances of water reaching your foundation walls.

The Issue

Cracks, bowing walls, and an unpleasant odor can all be “symptoms” of your home retaining water within its foundation blocks. Without addressing, basement moisture can ruin floors and walls, encourage hazardous mold, even damage your roofing. All of these will damage and devalue your home. Mold growing in flooded and damp basements can also cause allergy problems and even serious health repercussions as well if left untreated.

The Solution

The talented waterproofing contractors at BelowDry Basement Waterproofing in Rochester will keep your home free of moisture and mold with basement waterproofing services. They will also protect your home from future damage with their superlative foundation repair. They can fix any damaged and cracked foundations or bowed walls, as well as apply basement sealant. If your home or business has already been flooded, their skilled drainage contractors will remedy the situation with interior and exterior drainage in Rochester, and will even provide sump pump installation and repair.

What’s Next?

The interior drainage process starts with the cutting up the perimeter of the basement floor exposing its footer, once exposed the trenching process will begin The purpose of the trenching process will be to pitch (direct) any water towards the lowest part of the basement where the sump pit will be dug. In the sump pit a pump will be installed to collect any and all water and properly remove it from the basement. Drain tile will be installed in the trench and will also be pitched towards the newly installed sump pump. All sump pump discharge will be appropriate to the town code in which you live. Within our drainage systems you will find perforated pipe which allows for a fluent flow of water and avoids any clogging or blockage in the system. Access points will be installed in every corner of the basement for easy customer maintenance if needed at any point in time. To relieve any pressure within the foundation blocks weep holes are drilled to remove pent up water and allow for it to flow into the system.

Additional Services

In addition to waterproofing and foundation repair, BelowDry offers a number of services to protect your home and increase your property value. Glass block window installation and spray foam application will keep your home insulated. These foundation contractors deliver first-rate crawl space repair, and they can also enhance the look of your property with landscaping that heightens the dirt level around your home’s perimeter. These services will lower your energy bills by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months, and their first-rate basement and foundation repair will provide a healthier environment for you and your family by reducing the risk of mold.

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The exterior basement walls of most homes are made of substances that will crack and let water in over time, leading to damp or waterlogged areas. Serving New York’s Monroe, Niagara, Onondaga, and Erie Counties, BelowDry in Rochester, NY provides a wide range of drainage and basement waterproofing solutions for homes and businesses.

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Basement waterproofing benefits include: Increased property values, provides a healthier home environment with a warmer basement during cold winter months and a drier basement during humid summer months.

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